SMS for Customer Success

SMS for Customer Success

When a potential lead becomes a customer, the story doesn’t stop there. In the context of today’s saturated markets, it’s never been more important to keep your customers happy so they hang around for longer.

That’s where your customer success team can shine.

A customer support team solves queries as they arise on ‘the front line.’ In contrast, customer success is a longer-term strategy that anticipates what your existing customer will need, then puts solutions in place. For B2B businesses, these vital teams also aid in onboarding.

Customer success involves building great customer relationships by creating more value, taking on feedback, and providing a highly personalised experience.

What can you expect in return? Improved customer retention, a boost in customer loyalty, and an increase in business revenue.

Why SMS?

Every customer success team needs a great toolkit that includes a fast-created, fast-received and fast-read communication channel that’s engaging, and personal. With a 98% open rate, that special tool is SMS.

In a space where customers are inundated with content, 160-character texts are a nice, quick check-in to make them feel valued and keep your brand front of mind.

And because personalisation is key to customer success, the Burst SMS platform lets you easily segment your customer database into lists. Group these lists any way you like, from purchase history to membership anniversary dates.

Increase customer retention with sms text marketing. SMS customer success strategies will complement your wider communication efforts. To ensure smoother onboarding and customer retention, and help champion referrals – put these savvy strategies in place.

SMS ideas for customer success

To increase customer retention, here are 8 ways SMS text marketing can help your customer success team, alongside ready-to-go templates.

1. Ask for feedback

Being aware of the good, the bad, and the ugly so you know where and how your business can improve. Feedback is a great way to develop a rapport with valued customers and make them feel heard.

2. Send industry reports

As your product improves, keep your customers up to date so they know how to make the most out of it.

3. Send product updates

Send your customers a product update every time you make an improvement so they know about bug fixes, new features, or anything else you’ve changed.

4. Share helpful blog posts

These pieces are invaluable, especially when the content is timely and personalised. Piggyback off the shifting seasons, birthdays, and special events to improve customer retention.

5. Offer refills or complementing products

As a customer, it’s nice to be given a friendly reminder of when you’re almost out of stock, and how your business can enhance its product experience.

6. Improve product experience

We’ve all been there – bought or signed up to something, then when we get home, it’s impossible to build or make sense of the instructions. That’s the perfect time for a short explainer.

7. Provide customer support

Sometimes your customers are stuck and need a little help. Here’s where an automated SMS flow can help with alleviating your workload and a confused customer.

With Burst SMS, you can set up automated responses when a customer texts a keyword to a dedicated virtual number. You can share this information in your personal email signature or on your website, it can look something like this:

Once a customer texts a keyword such as “FAQ” to the appropriate a number, it can trigger an automated text with more keywords or a link to the answer to their question:

You can set up an automated sequence with keywords that suit your business and brand, all within the Burst SMS platform. It’s easy to set up and your team and customers will both thank you.

8. Say thank you!

Make your customers feel like a V-V-VIP. From birthdays to customer anniversaries, there are hundreds of reasons and ways to say thanks.

Keep your customers close

Get your team’s creative juices flowing with these customer success tips. Spark even more ideas to keep your customers happy.

Personal, engaging, and highly effective, SMS is an amazing addition to your toolkit.

See how Burst SMS can help your business better communicate with your customers post-purchase.

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