Case Study: SMS for Recruitment with JobAdder

Case Study: SMS for Recruitment with JobAdder

The Integration

JobAdder is an all-in-one recruitment management platform, which provides you with a variety of tools to help find and place the right talent. Through an integration with Burst SMS, JobAdder clients can now send SMS directly from their accounts.

The Problem

Recruitment is an increasingly competitive environment and it’s becoming more and more challenging for recruiters to reach their contacts and clients - both current and prospective - effectively. Traditional forms of communication, such as email, can easily be overlooked or ignored. Another problem that’s associated with this is that communicating with contacts en masse is often time-consuming and repetitive for the recruiter.

The Solution

Text messaging has an extraordinarily high open rate, 98% on average, when compared to that of email, which is just 22%. Recruiters can use Burst SMS to reach their candidates and contacts faster and more effectively via SMS. This solution is perfect for the fast-paced recruitment industry where often recruitment consultants need to deliver short messages to multiple parties instantaneously, for such things as interview reminders.

Burst SMS’ saved templates feature allows users to dispatch frequently-used messages quickly and in bulk. This feature is particularly useful for recruiters who need to send the same kind of updates to candidates as they progress through the stages of application for a job.

The Clients

Here’s why clients love the JobAdder x Burst SMS integration:

Edge Recruitment

Being able to use an additional communication tool that is quick and widely used by our candidates. We get a really good response to SMS messages, especially in relation to temp assignment availability. Also from an administrative perspective, it is quick and easy to manage the back end accounting area of Burst.

— Jane

HR by the Hour

JobAdder + Burst SMS makes our life very easy. Your system is brilliant and when coupled with SMS capability takes it to a new level. I like the fact that I can buy another number off Burst SMS and allocate that to someone. That removes the need for additional sim cards and phones.

— Steve

Let’s Get Started

When you’re ready to try our JobAdder SMS integration, just simply follow these instructions: