SMS Templates for Recruitment and Staffing: 12 time-saving templates

SMS Templates for Recruitment and Staffing: 12 time-saving templates

Job seekers often describe the hunt just as demanding as a full-time job. Updating their resumes and managing relationships with each company can be a tall order.

On the flip side, your business may spend hours filtering thousands of job applications and candidates for several positions at a time. Managing communications between them can get strenuous.

The key to winning the right talent and saving time is by making your communications simple yet delightful. Using SMS for improved operations is a proven tool that can help build an immediate connection with its naturally warm, conversational language.

Want to wow your applicants and candidates? Here’s how.

  1. Acknowledge applications with SMS notifications
  2. Schedule and confirm interviews
  3. Send SMS reminders
  4. Notify candidates of job statuses and new openings
  5. Follow up with feedback

Without further adieu, here are 12 SMS templates to help you get started.

SMS templates for recruiters

We usually recommend that you keep your SMS campaigns under 160 characters, helping you keep things succinct and to save costs. For your applicants and candidates, longer messages are likely better for building a stronger connection. Shorter messages may appear cold.


Application acknowledgement


Scheduling a phone interview

Sending a follow-up after an interview

Scheduling an in-person interview

Confirming an interview date, time, and location


In-person interview 24 hours before

Online video conferencing interview

Position filled

New job opportunities


We have many more SMS templates to inspire your next campaign. Check them out!

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