Spice up your campaigns with emoji keywords

Spice up your campaigns with emoji keywords

Freshen up your campaigns with emoji keywords. Pick an emoji which reflects your brand the best, and build a campaign around it. Browse through our Master List of Useful Unicode Emojis to find the perfect emoji for your business.

What’s an emoji keyword?

Emoji keywords function the same as regular keywords. Instead of typing in a word like “Pizza” you can now tell customers to text-in the pizza emoji instead.

Emoji Keyword Set-up

  • Copy and paste the emoji of your choice from this Master List
  • Login to your Burst SMS account, just make your way to the “Keywords” section
  • If you need a refresher, click here to get a detailed tutorial on how to set-up a keyword

Please Note: You can only set one emoji keyword at a time, so choose your emoji wisely. The reason for this is because all unicode characters start with the same characters.

Domino’s has gone all-in with the pizza emoji. Here’s how they’re using the pizza emoji to simplify their ordering process, all while taking full advantage of it on a marketing level.