Spotted: How these 10 brands are using SMS

Spotted: How these 10 brands are using SMS

As we go about our daily lives, we sometimes randomly find businesses (not affiliated with us) using SMS in many different ways. So we decided to take some screenshots to give you some ideas and to inspire you.

In case you missed it, we also wrote a blog post about how businesses are using SMS to talk to their customers. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, we recommend that you check it out.

1) Coinbase

Industry: Fintech - Cryptocurrency Exchange
Primary SMS Use: SMS 2FA (2 factor authentication)

When there’s money (or in this case cryptocurrencies) involved, it’s necessary to have security measures. Coinbase helps their users trade millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies every day, and they use SMS to help verify their users’ identities.

2) Smartcash

Industry: Fintech - Cryptocurrency
Primary SMS Use: SMS cryptocurrency transfers

SmartCash is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but it strives to be the most user-friendly. In this example, people can send their SmartCash to one another using SMS.

The receiver can claim SmartCash by clicking on the provided link in the SMS, and they can add it to a brand new or existing SmartCash wallet.

3) Sephora

Industry: Retail - Health & Beauty
Primary SMS Use: SMS Delivery Notifications

After a product purchase, you can choose to add your mobile phone number for SMS delivery notifications.

Not many eCommerce stores do SMS delivery notifications, but that also means that you can stand out if you use them. It can help improve your customer experience and brand perception.

4) OFX

Industry: Finance - Currency Exchange
Primary SMS Use: SMS Alerts

If you plan to trade foreign currencies for your next vacation, why not get a free SMS alert when the rate is in your favour?

Good rates don’t stick around for long, so it’s important to take action right away. SMS alerts can catch your immediate attention.

5) Calendly

Industry: Productivity - Calendar
Primary SMS Use: SMS Reminders

Missed appointments can result in a loss of productivity and revenue for any business. SMS reminders help customers get to their appointments and boost the bottom line.

Calendly gives their users the option to send SMS reminders to their clients, with control of the text message copy and delivery times.

6) Los Angeles Lakers

Industry: Retail - Sports Merchandise
Primary SMS Use: SMS Keywords

If you could purchase something by texting an SMS Keyword to a shortcode, would you?

The world-renowned LA Lakers advertised an opportunity to purchase their all-star jersey via an SMS Keyword on Twitter. And it gets even more interesting.

Customers that already have an account on their specific eCommerce platform automatically purchase it from the SMS Keyword alone. Others need to sign up for an account first; however, they won’t need to for subsequent purchases.


Industry: Alcohol
Primary SMS Use: SMS Keywords

D’USSÉ did the same thing as the LA Lakers, but for their Cognac. There’s not much more to add, except that they restricted it to customers that were 21 and over.

8) Airbnb

Industry: Tourism & Hospitality
Primary SMS Use: SMS 2FA

Airbnb gives their user the options to receive an SMS verification when they first sign up or when they log in from a different computer.

9) Shoppers Drug Mart

Industry: Retail - Drugstore
Primary SMS Use: SMS Keywords & SMS Alerts

Advertised on a big banner on their website, customers can subscribe to their list to receive exclusive deals and alerts on a weekly basis, and they can connect their loyalty card to their mobile number for even better rewards.

10) CIBC

Industry: Banking
Primary SMS Use: SMS Alerts

If there is suspected fraudulent activity on your bank account, you probably want to know about it right away. CIBC makes it easy for you to get notified via an SMS alert. Chances are, you’ll see and respond to an SMS message quicker than a missed call notification or an email.

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