The Core Values of Burst SMS

The Core Values of Burst SMS

At Burst SMS, we believe in giving our clients the best experience, service, and innovations at the most affordable price. We worked tirelessly to create a feature-rich web platform and flexible SMS API. While our competitors try to replicate our ease of use, the underlying infrastructure that creates our simple user experiences makes it impossible for them.

Enterprise reliability for all

We run multiple high-speed connections to all our suppliers, allowing us to send thousands of text messages per minute. We provide fully transparent delivery reports on dedicated channels showing handset delivery confirmations and bounces in close to real-time.

  • High-Performance Delivery: Highly advanced load balancing and queue prioritisation to ensure the fastest possible delivery.
  • Dedicated Channels for Volume Campaigns: Large volume campaigns are diverted into dedicated channels to eliminate delays to transactional messaging.
  • Quality Certified Suppliers: All of our suppliers are Tier 1 aggregators with ISO 27001 & 9001 certification for quality and security.
  • Constant Gateway Monitoring: Connections are under 24-hour surveillance using monitoring systems to ensure optimum delivery.
  • Enterprise Level Gateway: We run only enterprise-level server applications partnering with the most reliable names in the business to help us operate a smooth service with minimum downtime.
  • High-Level Security and Encryption: All connections are protected by 128-bit encrypted data transfer. Any personal information you upload to our servers is safe and secure.
  • Direct Carrier Connections: All of our standard connections are direct. Every client has access to the best SMS routing.

Continuous innovation of intelligent software features

The software layer of Burst SMS is where we really come into our own. We developed our software for over 10 years based on continuous client feedback, and we will continue to do so. Here are some of the key features that set us apart:

  • Activity Feed: The activity screen is the centre of communications. Here you see all inbound and outbound messages at a glance, sorted however you want.
  • Built-in SPAM Compliance: Every account comes with continuous automated opt-out management with our global opt-out list and free virtual reply numbers maintaining SPAM compliance at all times.
  • Automated List Management: Upload thousands of contacts in seconds from a CSV file, and get full import reporting. Automated import filters format recipient numbers, remove duplicates, manages opt-outs.
  • Automated Reply Management: Add reply keywords for SMS automation that can do things such as forward replies to email, send automated replies, or add to new lists. You can view and reply with your online inbox or email.
  • Dedicated Virtual Numbers: There is no setup lead time or application process. Simply buy online and choose from our available selection. It takes a few minutes.
  • Visual Delivery Reporting: Due to the difficult and complex nature of SMS reporting, many online SMS services tend to avoid it. They’ll typically offer carrier acknowledgements, which means they tell you when they have sent it to the network, or they send back an indecipherable mess for you to figure out. Our system makes it simple. We provide full delivery transparency including deliveries, soft and hard bounces, link clicks, and much more.
  • Sub Account/Reseller Structure: Our sub-account structure is perfect for big business/enterprise and government style clients, allowing for multi-departmental admin, management, tracking and billing. You can also white-label our platform in just a few minutes, putting forward a thoroughly professional interface for any respective government department’s profile and users.
  • Group Messaging: Re-broadcasting is simply the process of texting a message to a virtual number, which will broadcast to a list via our server. Re-broadcasting is popular with teams. It is great for coaches, captains, managers, and leaders where they want to speak to a group of people and get private responses back. You can do all this directly from your phone using SMS. No computer required.
  • SMS Integrations: We have developed direct and Zapier integrations. We have ready to go solutions for products like Keap (formerly Infusionsoft), Zendesk, WooCommerce, Wordpress, Zoho CRM, Campaign Monitor, Mail Chimp, AWeber, Constant Contact and Zapier. If you have a platform you would like to see with SMS capability, let us know.

Expert support when you need it

If you need help with any of our products, contact us for support. Our expert team of engineers are here to help you succeed.

You can also call us or click on the button on the bottom right to start a live chat. We monitor our services 24/7, so you can get help whenever you need it.

Free Strategic and Business Advice

If you plan to use SMS, but not sure how to go about it, let us know. Our team can quickly come up with solutions and ideas to help you get a return on investment. We love coming up with solutions and have seen many successful SMS campaigns.

Exceptional value for small and enterprises businesses

In 2008, Burst SMS became the first company to start offering a highly usable self-serve business SMS platform for anyone. We carved out our own market and we did not discriminate if a person or company wanted to send 10 or 10,000 text messages. The local yoga instructor is just as important to us as an enterprise business.

We now have over 20,000 clients who send small and large volumes of SMS messages, making us one of the largest bulk SMS providers in the market. Our goal is to provide you with the most feature-rich platform with direct connections to local carriers at the most affordable price.