Upgrade your marketing game with these 6 enterprise tools

Upgrade your marketing game with these 6 enterprise tools

What are all the cool kids using these days?

This seems to be a timeless question that marketers ask themselves. Building off our freemium article, 10 Free super helpful marketing tools and tips, let’s look at the best paid enterprise tools that marketers should be considering right now.

Note: When I say “best”, something I always consider when recommending any specific service is value. I want to present you with the most useful tools with the most helpful features for the best price—thus earning the right to be called the best in my opinion.

Adobe XD

Design and test your concepts with this powerful prototyping tool. In addition to the entire Adobe Creative Cloud, XD also integrates with other collaboration tools such as: Dropbox, Zeplin, Avocode, Sympli, Kite Compositor, and ProtoPie.

This provides a seamless experience to help merge your pre-existing apps with Adobe XD. Most designers are using Photoshop and Illustrator to design assets; however, they seem to be hesitant to use Adobe XD since it’s a newer application. If you were waiting for all the kinks to work out, then now is the time to jump on board. Their latest update in March allows you to quickly turn your Photoshop designs into prototypes.

  • Service Type: Prototyping / Design
  • Trial Options: 1 month free
  • Pricing: $29/month - $75/month

Square Space

Here’s a thought: Wordpress was designed as a blog-first platform; however, developers and HTML dabblers started to use it to launch websites at a rapid rate. Square Space falls into the same category as Wordpress, but not many customers considered it until now.

When it comes to the most popular quick-launch web platforms on the market: Wix, Wordpress, Weebly, and Tumblr, Square Space offers the best overall experience. It has the best UI, UX, and selection of quality fully-responsive templates available. They don’t have the most features in the world, but they do have all the core features that you need. The feature selection is both a pro and a con, since the limitations make the interface easier to use than most platforms. I find they focus more on providing a quality product, rather than trying to stuff the number sheet.

  • Service Type: Blog / Web Design / Ecommerce
  • Trial Options: 14-day trial
  • Pricing: $12/month - $40/month (Additional discount available here: www.squarespace.com/coupons)


If you’re looking to spice up your surveys and research studies, this is the way to do it. Typeform makes surveys more exciting, all while giving you more control. Mix and match interactive elements to build a more satisfying experience for your customer. They also provide a fairly generous trial, and a very fair pricing model.

  • Service Type: Online Surveys
  • Trial Options: Free version including - 100 responses/month + 10 form fields
  • Pricing: $30/month - $59/month

Heap Analytics

Unlike top enterprise analytics platforms such as Kissmetrics, Woopra, Mix Panel or Revulytics, Heap lets you get started with minimal development work. Their system is based off an auto-tracking feature, which allows users with no development experience to be able to set-up complex tracking sequences.

On a side note, if you’re a SAAS company you might have noticed that most analytics services are also tailor made for non-SAAS metrics. Heap is optimised for tracking SAAS numbers. This can be seen in their primary client list, which displays mostly SAAS clients such as: Zendesk, Salesforce, Marketo, MOZ, Instapage, and Indeed.

Businesses with less than 50,000 sessions can take advantage of their badge program, which gives you free access to their platform as long as you display their company logo within your footer. Pricing after you reach the maximum free session account however will be pricey. If you’re exceeding your ROI goals on the free account, then as marketer - it’s worth the long-term investment.

  • Service Type: Enterprise-level analytics
  • Trial Options: 5,000 sessions per month or 50,000 sessions per month on the badge program


Our SMS integration partner, Zapier recently doubled their application integrations from 500 to 1,000. That means if Zapier wasn’t compatible with your favourite application before, it might be now. New popular integration options include: Facebook, Google Analytics, Office 365, and Xero.

  • Trial Options: Free forever plan - limited access
  • Pricing: $20/month - $250/month


If Zapier doesn’t have the integration that you’re looking for, or is missing some highly technical functions that your business needs, then have a look at Workato. It’s a more powerful integration tool which caters towards some of the largest companies in the world. They provide a more full-service type platform which is more expensive than Zapier, but offers more enterprise support depending on which package you prefer.

Popular Integrations: SAP, Outlook, Amazon Lex, Ruby, JSON,

  • Trial Options: 1 month trial
  • Pricing: $249/month - $2,499/month