Using mobile landing pages to take your SMS campaign to the next level

Using mobile landing pages to take your SMS campaign to the next level

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a page that is optimised for conversion through one distinct action. Generally if you run an AdWords or Banner campaign, you are paying a significant amount for the advert so you want the best possible chance to convert the lead. The idea is that the information on the landing page is directly relevant to the keyword that the person has entered.

The same is very relevant for SMS campaigns. You are paying good money to build your list and deliver text messages to relevant recipients so you should give yourself the best possible chance to convert the lead into a customer.

You can collect lots of information through landing pages as well as measure the success of campaigns via the number of link hits and conversion through landing pages completed.

Building a Responsive Mobile Landing Page

All modern phones these days can link to a mobile web page, and there are a ton of new tools out there with great looking templates to build your very own coresponsive mobile landing page with calls to action such as click to call, buy now, enter data, see information etc etc.

Here are a few popular tools:

Some SMS marketing companies have decided to build their own landing page tools but we find it best to leave this kind of stuff to companies who make this their core business. They all do a good job and are very cost effective. All we need to do is add a live link to our text message, all the detailed reporting is done via the landing page.

Linking from the text message to your Landing Page

Text messages are “TEXT ONLY” hyperlinks cannot be used. You need to add the full URL to your message.

Most landing page builders can allow you to attach your own URL however we need to reduce as meany characters as we can, long URL’s are not practical.

Services that provide free short URL’s such as are perfect for text messages, plus they have great analytics.


Burst SMS can also feed the mobile number and text through to forms on landing pages so double data entry is not required.

In this example below we used a custom URL with a sub domain feeding both an email address and phone number through to a list.

While all this might seem a bit complex to setup for a novice, if you have experience with these kinds of tools, landing pages are an extremely effective way to boost engagement and collect information via SMS campaigns.

If you would like us to develop one for you we can do that as well, just get in touch and we can discuss some ideas.