Using SMS and MMS to streamline your fitness business

Using SMS and MMS to streamline your fitness business

It’s January, which means a lot of people are starting to set goals, especially fitness goals for the year! As a business in the fitness industry, now’s the time to engage or re-engage with your customers to help them reach their 2022 fitness goals.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has reshaped the fitness industry. In adapting to the new normal, the fitness space has come up trumps. Maintaining a healthy and robust immune system is more vital than ever, so bringing workouts into living rooms has become a booming business. From pilates to push-ups, in-person or a virtual class – the opportunities are endless.

Business owners and operators with practical, targeted marketing platforms in place will keep their business muscles ripped and stay competitive. To achieve your personal best, you need a tool with an average open rate of 98% and a click-through rate of 11%.

Here’s the lowdown on SMS and MMS for the fitness industry with some use cases and templates to help raise your revenue.

SMS alerts and class reminders

With so much info on our radars, things slip through the cracks. Business owners have to confront the reality that fitness fans could forget them amidst the frantic pace of life. In truth, the average attention span is only 8 seconds.

Set up auto SMS reminders to stave off online and in-person class absences. Customers with crowded calendars are engaged and motivated by these SMS tools. To up the ante, create personalised SMS reminders to help your members commit to their fitness intentions.

If it gets to the start time and a member booking hasn’t materialised for an online class – send them a reminder once the class begins.

Gym membership renewal SMS is also a highly successful tool in retaining your existing customers and making their membership renewal easy. Try something like this:

Enable two-way interaction

Customer support is crucial to ensure things run smoothly and members get the best version of your business. Give them the power to get a direct response and trigger action. For example, if the stationary bike they’re spinning on breaks, they can text you with the machine number reference, and you can send someone to fix it in real-time.

Take service to a whole new level with customised gym SMS messages. Your instructors can send personalised notes to keep members motivated and engaged during and after classes. This kind of individualised communication makes all the difference.

Manage bookings and reservations

Post COVID-19 gym attendance looks a bit different. SMS booking confirmations are invaluable with new requirements around reserving a workout timeslot and making a booking to attend a class. Start with something like the following.

Make more room for SMS marketing

Prioritising your SMS marketing for gyms can increase revenue and brand visibility. Seize the opportunities and start with an offer such as a free evaluation on joining.

Discounts are another way to create strong client relationships – who doesn’t love a deal?

Touch base with your members. Fitness goals can be challenging to stick to, so check-ins are an easy and authentic way to add value.

Themed campaigns are always a winner – establish your traditions and create a buzz relevant to your business. Try ideas like Motivation Mondays or Women’s Workout Week.

Running comps and contests

These marketing tools are a great way to motivate and encourage members, build a stronger community and turn customers into loyal members. To promote better health, try an at-home fitness challenge. Make sure your plan isn’t one-dimensional – add value by including live workouts, shopping lists, meal plans and recipes. Don’t forget to incorporate a means of accountability to help individuals set realistic goals. Finally, create an interconnection between participants to increase affinity and enthusiasm.

Once you’ve got someone on board – acknowledge their milestones so they feel supported.

MMS is fab for fitness

Make your brand more relatable by using MMS. Add images, GIFs, and videos for fun targeted messaging and connect with customers using dynamic content that inspires them to interact. Here’s a guide to designing the perfect MMS, as well as making GIFs for MMS campaigns. Create warm-up instructions, home exercise tips or a cooking demo – it’s valuable outreach that builds trust.

Improve productivity and efficiency

A successful business starts internally. Group SMS Broadcasting makes internal communications easy. If you’ve got a sick instructor with a packed class schedule, find a cover quickly with group SMS. With this tool at your fingertips, avoid embarrassing cancellations and shortcut the stress of finding replacement staff. Use this SMS system for holiday approvals or sick days, schedule changes, or even check in with your team. Create camaraderie and streamline your process.

Streamline your business

SMS for gyms is a game-changer for the fitness industry. Implementing these SMS marketing and operations strategies will let you move and grow as the industry finds its new normal.

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