Why SMS for construction helps get the job done

Why SMS for construction helps get the job done

When it comes to the construction industry, SMS is a brilliant tool for construction professionals to disseminate updates, manage stakeholders, and fast-track project timelines by minimising miscommunication and errors.

How SMS can work wonders for your construction business

SMS alerts and reminders can be used at every stage of construction - and there are quite a few. Big construction projects can run for years and may involve hundreds of logistical updates.

This is no easy feat - in fact, poor communication causes more than $17 billion in additional costs each year according to PlanGrid. This means there’s plenty of room for SMS to make a difference.

Keep projects on track

According to a survey of construction professionals, nearly 35% of an employee’s day is spent searching for missing data, solving problems, and correcting mistakes. By avoiding miscommunication in the first place, you can drastically improve your team’s efficiency.

Both succinct and direct, SMS can help to keep projects on track. When you consider that your workers are likely to be onsite for most of the day with minimal internet access, it makes even more sense to use SMS as your go-to communication method.

To improve workflow both on and offsite, you can use SMS to:

  • Send appointment reminders and confirmations for site visits - all the recipient has to do is reply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’;
  • Use automated texts to chase up late invoices;
  • Manage schedules by enabling your workers to text a unique keyword to your virtual mobile number, instantly receiving their work roster;
  • Send employee callouts via a group SMS broadcast if you find yourself understaffed;
  • Send progress alerts to notify of delays or rework your team’s priorities. For example: let your whole team know about a late delivery so they’ll be able to adapt more quickly;
  • Send other important alerts relating to material shortages, official inspections, and any supply needs.

Maintain Safety

As a foreman, site manager or business owner, you’ll know that construction sites are high-risk environments with no room for error. You should therefore use SMS to:

  • Warn workers of site closures before they leave their homes, especially in the case of poor weather. SMS has an open rate of 98%, so you can be more certain your warning will reach your workers before they leave the house;
  • Quickly report issues to management via MMS, helping them understand exactly what you’re referring to instead of relying on wordy descriptions;
  • Alert workers if an accident has occurred onsite, ensuring no one else heads to the site of the emergency.

Retain and attract customers

Of course, you’ll also want to stay on top of the commercial aspect of your construction business. SMS marketing can be used to promote your construction project or business. Here are some strategies you can use:

  • Place a keyword on signage at your construction site or display centre. Curious passersby can text a dedicated virtual mobile number and access information such as project timeframes, marketing materials, and your contact details;
  • Communicate project progress to stakeholders via automated or mass texts, ensuring they feel informed and reassured throughout the process;
  • Win more projects by preparing your proposals quicker, as SMS can be used to chase up the right people for information on timelines, experience, past wins, and more. This helps you craft a strong proposal in record time.

From SMS appointment reminders to safety alerts, SMS helps you keep your construction projects on track.

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