Why you should consider SMS platforms that use ON-NET Connections

Why you should consider SMS platforms that use ON-NET Connections

You may have heard of the term ON-NET connections when researching for your ideal SMS platform, but what is it exactly? Are there any alternatives? More importantly, does it matter?

Before we dive into these questions, let’s understand how SMS delivery works first.

How SMS delivery works

First, you need to choose the right online SMS service (also known as an SMS Gateway) to help you send SMS marketing, reminder, or 2-factor authentication campaigns. Some can also provide a broad set of features including but not limited to Email to SMS and 2 Way SMS.

After choosing an SMS Gateway, you can start composing and sending your SMS campaigns. Keep in mind that not all providers are like Burst SMS. We provide many service types alongside stringent compliance and security checks. Choosing the right provider is crucial. We highlighted seven key features that we believe every SMS platform should have.

After you compose your campaign and click send, it gets delivered in either two ways depending on the SMS Gateway. The first way is via ON-NET routing, and the second is via grey routing.

ON-NET Routing vs Grey Routing

ON-NET routing is the most popular routing method for SMS messaging in Australia. It forces a direct connection from the gateway to the carrier network for the highest quality and reliability.

Grey routing uses the SS7 (Signalling System #7) network that connects all carriers worldwide. This routing method passes your message to carriers overseas before reaching your recipient’s carrier. Grey routing tends to be slower and may come from random caller IDs from unknown countries. While the cost can be more affordable than ON-NET routing, the trade-off is in reliability as more carriers begin to block grey routing traffic globally.

Which one should you choose?

To better illustrate this, let’s use aeroplane travel as an example.

When you book a flight, the most common options are nonstop or connecting flights. Both will get you to your destination eventually, but the method of getting you there is different.

Nonstop flights are like ON-NET routing. They’re the quickest because you fly directly to your destination with no stops in between, but the price is generally higher.

Connecting flights, on the other hand, are like grey routing. They involve stops in between where you disembark from your aircraft to get on another with layovers. While more affordable, connecting flights pose a risk. You can miss your connecting flight due to unexpected delays.

In the end, is it worth the risk of saving money at the expense of quality time? Is it worth the risk of saving money at the expense of your marketing campaign or an emergency alert not reaching your customers on-time?

Does ON-NET really matter?

We think so. Your decision depends on your SMS campaign.

For example, if you use SMS for alerts or 2-factor authentication, you should consider a provider that offers ON-NET connections to ensure the message gets delivered and on-time.

In general, we encourage anyone that takes their marketing initiatives seriously to choose a provider that offers ON-NET connection to help guarantee that your recipients receive your messages, which will help boost the bottom line.

At Burst SMS, we pride ourselves in prioritising ON-NET connections for our clients and ensuring the fastest and most reliable delivery service with a 100% guarantee.

We invite you to experience the benefits of ON-NET and many other features with a free, no-obligation 14-day trial.