Zapier: Add Google Forms submissions to a Burst SMS list

Zapier: Add Google Forms submissions to a Burst SMS list

If you useGoogle Forms to collect information, then check out this Zapier SMS integration. Use it to automatically import your customers’ details into a Burst SMS list of your choice.

What is Google Forms?

Google Forms is one of Google Suite’s apps that helps you collect information from customers via a personalised survey or quiz. You can create unlimited forms for free and save the results in a shareable spreadsheet for seamless collaboration, export, and integration.

How It Works

When you receive a new Google Forms submission, Zapier imports the information to your Burst SMS list. Note that you must ask for their mobile number for the integration to work.

Use this integration to automatically import name and mobile number. Optionally, you can import more if you havecustom fields created for your Burst SMS list. We recommend that you use them to sendpersonalised SMS marketing campaigns, but we digress.

Custom fields can be anything you want: last name, middle name, age group, location, favourite colour, job title and so forth. Ensure that Google Forms asks for the information and then match it to the right fields on Zapier.

As a bonus, you can add a Zapier filter between the trigger (Google Forms) and action (Burst SMS) to only import contacts that consent to receive communication via SMS. You can create this filter by adding a dropdown on Google Forms, and then using Zapier to trigger on when the customer selects a specific answer (i.e. SMS).

Use Cases

  • Event registration form and subscribing to SMS Reminders for updates
  • Customer feedback form and requesting personalised response via 2 Way SMS
  • Order form and requesting order status, tracking number via SMS Alerts

Integration Benefits

  • Improves workflow automation
  • Free; doesn’t require a paid Zapier subscription plan
  • Collect and store important customer information for future personalised SMS campaigns