Zapier: Add new HubSpot contacts to Burst and send an SMS

Zapier: Add new HubSpot contacts to Burst and send an SMS

If you use HubSpot and want to send text messages to your customers, then these two Zapier SMS integrations are for you.

Integration One: Subscribe new HubSpot contacts to a Burst SMS list

It takes up valuable time to export and import your HubSpot contacts to your Burst SMS list. And with mundane and repetitive tasks like this, human error is a possibility. Ditch the spreadsheets and let a workflow automation tool do all the heavy lifting for you.

Integration Two: Send SMS messages via Burst for new HubSpot contacts

This integration makes it easier to start conversations with your leads as soon as they connect with you. Make a great first impression by providing immediate value with a text message, like a coupon or freebie.

Example text message:

How it works

You can use a free Zapier subscription for both integrations.

For it to work, your new HubSpot contacts must have a valid number from the get-go. Zapier won’t fire otherwise, and it’ll prompt you with an error. Consider how you’re going to collect mobile numbers if you haven’t done so already.

When it’s all said and done, customers who opt-in and are added to HubSpot as a new contact will be automatically added to Burst and/or sent an automated SMS message, depending on which integrations you choose to use.

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