Zapier: Add Omnify leads to a Burst SMS list

Zapier: Add Omnify leads to a Burst SMS list

If you use Omnify to manage your fitness studio and clients, then check out this Zapier SMS integration. Use it to automatically import your customers’ details into a Burst SMS list of your choice.

What is Omnify?

Omnify is a cloud-based scheduling and booking solution designed for fitness-related businesses of all sizes. It offers staff management, billing management, online payment and social customer relationship management (CRM) features.

How It Works

When you get a new lead in Omnify, Zapier automatically imports their contact information to a Burst SMS list of your choice. Note that you must have their mobile number for this SMS integration to work. Optionally, you can also import their first and last name, which we highly recommend for personalised SMS campaigns, and to help your customer retention efforts.

Use Cases

  • Send SMS Reminders for classes, appointments, and events
  • Get customer questions and send personalised responses via 2 Way SMS
  • Notify customers of any cancellations with an SMS Alert
  • Promote challenges, competitions, programs, and more—check out our SMS Templates for ideas

Integration Benefits

  • Improves workflow automation
  • Free; doesn’t require a paid Zapier subscription plan
  • Collect and store important customer information for future personalised SMS campaigns