Zapier: Add Videoask responses to a Burst SMS list

Zapier: Add Videoask responses to a Burst SMS list

If you use Videoask to collect customer responses, then check out this Zapier SMS integration. Use it to automatically import your customers’ details into a Burst SMS list of your choice.

What is Videoask?

From the creators of Typeform, Videoask is an application that allows for effortless creation of online forms while incorporating the use of video and audio recording. The use of video provides enhanced personalisation, engagement and interactivity to an otherwise conventional text-based online form.

How it works

When you get a new Videoask response, Zapier imports their information to your Burst SMS list, but you must ask for their mobile number—otherwise the integration will not work.

By default, you can optionally import their first and last name. And you can import even more if you have custom fields created for your Burst SMS list, such as email address. Once you set them up, you also need to make sure that your Videoask asks for these exact information to pass on.

It’s completely optional, but we recommend that you use them to help you send personalised SMS marketing campaigns in the future.

Integration Benefits

  • Improves workflow automation
  • Free; doesn’t require a paid Zapier subscription plan
  • Collect and store important customer information for future personalised SMS campaigns