Zapier: Send details to your customers when they text in with a keyword

Zapier: Send details to your customers when they text in with a keyword

This Zapier integration automatically replies to your customers with their details when they text in a keyword.

For example, one of your customers forgot their appointment details. When they text in with “Appointment?”, they receive an automated response with their appointment date, time, and location.

SMS Example

Your customer texts in:

Your auto-response SMS message:

How it works

You need a dedicated virtual number and a paid Zapier subscription. The default shared virtual numbers can’t receive SMS messages, and the free Zapier subscription doesn’t offer enough steps to complete this integration.

This integration requires one keyword to work. It can be anything you want, but it shouldn’t be too generic. Otherwise, your customers may trigger them unintentionally when they text you for other enquiries.

When triggered, Zapier pulls the details from the custom fields that you create in Burst. Customs fields are a powerful feature that can help you create personalised SMS campaigns.

Important note: The keywords mentioned in this article shouldn’t be confused with Burst’s SMS Keywords. These are specific to SMS and trigger functions in Burst. The keywords described in this article are set up in and trigger functions in Zapier.

Integration Benefits

  • Allows customers to quickly text in to get details, improving customer experience
  • Works without a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection
  • Saves your team time from having to respond to these simple types of customer enquiries