Zapier: Receive SMS Alerts from Asana Updates

Zapier: Receive SMS Alerts from Asana Updates

If you’re using Asana for organising people and tasks effectively in your company, try this integration to get the most out of project management.

With this Zapier integration, you can receive SMS alerts automatically when an Asana task is created, updated, or completed.

Instead of cluttering email inbox with notifications, consider using SMS to get instant alerts wherever you are, even in remote areas without internet connections.

What is Asana?

Asana aims to simplify team-based work management via their web and mobile application, designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.

How It Works

When a new task is created, updated or marked as complete in a project, Burst SMS will automatically send an SMS alert with details about the task.

The SMS is customisable and can contain: task name, task assignee, due date, priority, task progress and more. We recommend picking no more than 3 fields to avoid going over the 160 character limit.

Now, you can easily track your team’s projects and tasks in real-time.

SMS alerts don’t require a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection, only a cellular one, so you can receive notifications wherever you are.
  • Improves workflow automation
  • Free; doesn’t require a paid Zapier subscription plan
  • Stay on top of your projects, tasks, and progress