Zapier: Send an SMS to abandoned Shopify cart customers


If you are a retail business that uses Shopify, you’ve probably come across times where a potential customer suddenly abandons their shopping cart. For any business, it can be a challenge to persuade customers to complete their purchase, but with the ability to interact with your “lost” customers through quick SMS reminders, there is a higher chance to win them back.

That is how Zapier can help. By connecting your Shopify and Burst SMS accounts, you can track and send highly personalised SMS messages that can get your “lost” customers back to finish their purchase.

What is Shopify?

For the uninitiated, Shopify is a popular digital platform that allows you to develop and scale your business or e-commerce store. For new customers, Shopify helps create a digital storefront that can be adjusted and branded to any industry, giving flexibility and security when selling products and interacting with customers.

Sending an SMS alert when there is an abandoned cart

When a customer exits your Shopify store before finalising their purchase, Zapier automatically informs your Burst account to send a personalised SMS to that customer’s mobile number. Here’s one example:

For a higher chance of success, you can also add additional incentives:

SMS messaging also allows you to offer coupons and other promotions:

By utilising SMS messaging with Shopify, you can interact with your customers on a higher level. With SMS open rates averaging 98%, you can be confident that your customers will see your message.

For businesses looking to offer a superior customer experience, consider diving into our SMS templates for more ideas and inspirations.

Integration Benefits

Here are some other examples that you can achieve with Burst and Shopify working together with Zapier.

  • Inform customers about new products available or replenished stock
  • Send special offers or deals, and link them to a product page
  • Send purchase confirmations and receipts to your customers
  • Update package statuses being delivered to a customer
  • Inform about new entries in your Shopify blog
  • Send welcome messages and offers when new customers buy or sign up

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