Zapier x Burst SMS

Zapier x Burst SMS

Use Zapier to integrate text messaging into your favourite applications through Burst SMS. There are 1,500+ instant integrations available such as Salesforce, MailChimp, Shopify, and Facebook.

New Zapier SMS Features

Add new Keap (Infusionsoft) subscribers via SMS

Stay on the cutting edge with mobile marketing automation. This Zapier SMS integration lets your customers conveniently opt in to your Keap (Infusionsoft) list via text message.

We’re excited to announce two new features for our Zapier SMS integration: we updated our Send SMS action with track links and added a new trigger called Link Hit.

Add new Campaign Monitor contacts via SMS

Did you know that you can integrate Burst SMS with Campaign Monitor? This Zapier integration lets your customers opt-in to your email list via SMS.

Add new SalesForce leads when customers text your number

Want another way to generate leads with Salesforce? Integrate it with Burst SMS and let your customers opt-in via SMS.

Add new HubSpot contacts to Burst and send an SMS

If you use HubSpot and want to send text messages to your customers, then these two Zapier SMS integrations are for you.

Send details to your customers when they text in with a keyword

This Zapier integration automatically replies to your customers with their details when they text in a keyword.

Send an SMS notification when WooCommerce order changes

Use this WooCommerce integration to help you automatically send SMS notifications to your customers when their order status changes.

Turn your SMS autoresponder on and off with a text message

Turn your SMS autoresponder on or off by texting your dedicated virtual number. This eliminates the need to log into your Burst account.

Let customers subscribe to your Mailchimp email list via SMS

Growing your email list just got easier with this Zapier integration. With a simple text message, your customers can opt in to your Mailchimp list.

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