A simpler, more engaging messaging experience

A simpler, more engaging messaging experience

In the ever-evolving world of digital commerce, businesses need to update and innovate their offerings. Customers now expect more than just products and services, they seek personalised, instant interactions - which is where conversations, automation and intelligence come in.

At Kudosity, our vision is to deliver a simpler, more engaging messaging experience, which is why we’re developing a new app. Our intention is to combine the messaging capability of Burst SMS with the conversational automation of Conversr, so that you can better engage your customers to increase retention and revenue.

Why automate conversations with AI?

Customers expect seamless and personalised experiences when interacting with brands. Conversational AI lets businesses interact at scale in a more authentic way. From chatbots to virtual assistants, this technology allows for real-time 24/7 engagement, providing immediate responses and replies. It’s not just about keeping customers happy - it’s also about freeing your teams to focus on higher value activities. Customers are already interacting with AI, from messaging apps to voice-activated gadgets. Making it easy for businesses to connect with their audience.

Right now businesses are using conversational AI in a number of ways. While we often think of customer service and scheduling appointments there are other uses. Sales and Marketing are increasing conversions using engagement scoring and lead qualification. Events are creating concierges powered entirely by AI. By automating repetitive tasks businesses are reducing their operational costs and efficiency - that’s the bottom line.

Why unify our products?

As we’ve grown we’ve developed several messaging solutions. The most well known of these are Burst SMS and Conversr. These solutions are complementary, which is why we plan to bring these flagship products together in a single offering for all our customers.

A unified platform won’t just streamline operations but offers new use cases for one-on-one engagement at scale. Under our new brand Kudosity, we want to develop a next-gen app that offers the conversational AI outcomes that businesses are asking for.

What can I look forward to

Part of our unification strategy is to make Conversr campaigns more accessible to users. This is a powerful tool to build conversational journeys where you can configure the tone and sentiment based on the touch-point or reply. This layer of intelligent automation offers the ability to increase the scale of your engagement as it processes replies to your campaigns or API sends.

Messaging Screen

As part of our new unified platform we will be releasing new functionality to help customers better manage 1:1 conversations. Our new Inbox will offer a conversational view of replies where teams can reply directly in real-time. This opens new ways for businesses to engage customers including customer service, sales and support as it becomes a source of truth for interactions.

We’ve also made great strides in our predictive messaging capability. We recently released AI Suggested Replies to Conversr. This new feature uses large-language models to read inbound messages to create accurate predictive replies, making it easier for operators and teams to reply to customers so that they can focus on improving customer outcomes.

AI Suggested Replies

By unifying our capabilities we aim to create a single platform that addresses the full breadth of our solutions. This approach will provide consistency and a coherent user experience across all of our touchpoints, be it our web-application or APIs you can expect a more seamless experience from July.