Lesson 4

A2P SMS Features

Last Updated: September 2019


A2P SMS has a myriad of capabilities that can be used to enhance any business. Learn about the different features of these services and how they work.



Web SMS Services

Most Web SMS Services will have an online user interface that can be accessed through a web browser. There will generally be a way to upload a list and send a message to that list. The quality of services varies a lot but they are becoming easier to use every day.

High quality SMS services will have a lot of value added features such as:

  • Reporting

  • Number upload filtering

  • Automation

  • Personalisation

  • Reply management

  • SPAM compliance

  • List management

  • Templates

  • Character counting



Email SMS

Email SMS is the process of sending a text message to a mobile phone using email. A special email address is defined using the mobile number and the gateway address.

Eg. 0422333444@transmitsms.com

Sending an email to this address will deliver its contents to the mobile phone, and when replying the message will be returned to email. This process is known as 2 way SMS. 

Email SMS gateways are most commonly provided by Web SMS companies and can be configured quickly and easily. Companies commonly use Email SMS as a replacement for an API, since it is very easy to setup and doesn’t require any coding.





An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of easy to follow instructions and commands that a programmer can use to integrate services into their application. In the case of SMS it is used for sending text messages, adding contacts to lists, and processing replies and reports.

Some SMS API’s can have downloadable applications called clients or wrappers. These can be used to talk to the SMS API gateway in conjunction with customised code samples, to add the API services into any application.

SMS API Integration

In order to integrate an SMS service via an API you will need to have access to programming skills in the language that your destination application is coded in.

The first stage will be to have the programmer evaluate the API documentation to ensure that it has the services you require for your application.

API documentation and connection authentication requirements should be available from your account, SMS vendors website, or directly from the vendor themselves. Authentication is generally via an API key that is passed via HTTP Basic Auth headers.