Black Friday Cyber Monday hit $14.12B combined, $4.9B spent via mobile devices

Black Friday Cyber Monday hit $14.12B combined, $4.9B spent via mobile devices

Online US shoppers are at it again this year, but this time, with even greater force. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales broke last year’s records, according to Adobe Digital Insights (ADI).

Black Friday statistics

Online Black Friday sales this year smashed its previous record by 23.6% with a $6.22 billion day. Sales via mobile accounted for 33.5% of the total ($2.1 billion).

But here’s another interesting tidbit: iPhone users were 12% more likely to make a purchase after a website visit, and they bought 14% more items than Android users, according to ADI. We can think of two possible reasons. Due to the sheer number of different Android devices in the market, businesses may find it hard to optimise the mobile shopping experiences for each device. Or, the type of demographics that use iPhones may have more spending power.

Black Friday History
Year Total Sales Total Mobile Sales
2014 2.40 Billion 600 Million (25% sales share)
2015 2.74 Billion 904 Million (28% sales share)
2016 3.34 Billion 1.2 Billion (36% sales share)
2017 5.03 Billion 1.9 Billion (38% sales share)
2018 6.22 Billion 2.1 Billion (33% sales share)

Cyber Monday statistics

Cyber Monday broke its previous record by 19.7% with a $7.9 billion dollar day. Mobile sales accounted for 35% of the total ($2.8 billion), with the bulk of them coming from smartphones ($2.2 billion). ADI reports this as a staggering 56% YoY increase.

Cyber Monday History
Year Total Sales Total Mobile Sales
2014 2.65 Billion 477 Million (18% sales share)
2015 2.98 Billion 834 Million (28% sales share)
2016 3.39 Billion 1.2 Billion (35% sales share)
2017 6.59 Billion 2.18 Billion (33% sales share)
2018 7.9 Billion 2.8 Billion (35% sales share)

More Holiday Season statistics

From November 1 until today (November 28), shoppers have already spent $58.52 billion online. Mobile devices account for 40% of that total at $22.8 billion.

And if we break it down further, smartphones lead in the online traffic category with 49%, but they only account for 30% of online purchases. Desktops still make up the majority of purchases at 61%, which is very similar to last year. Shoppers may favour smartphones for research and then turn to their desktop to make the final purchase.

Final notes

It’s time to take your holiday season marketing to the next level. Make SMS marketing your secret weapon against your competitors, and reach your customers where they research and make purchases—on their smartphones. ADI predicts a $124.1 billion holiday season, so there’s still lots of time left to connect with your customers via SMS before the end of the holidays.