How to use RetailMeNot to grow your SMS list, increase traffic, and boost sales

How to use RetailMeNot to grow your SMS list, increase traffic, and boost sales

It’s already October, and the holiday season is just around the corner. If you’re thinking about ways to spice up your marketing, then here’s a tip: add your coupons and offers to RetailMeNot. The best part is that it’s easy and free.

Big brands like Domino’s, Webjet, and The Iconic, already leverage RetailMeNot. It gets heaps of monthly traffic, which can help you increase your web traffic, sales, and mobile subscribers.

How to submit your offer or coupon to RetailMeNot

To get listed on RetailMeNot, you need to submit this form. They’ll review your request to see if it’s a good fit. Be as detailed as possible—not just for the reviewers, but for your potential customers.

If you plan to grow your SMS list, you can ask customers to text in an SMS keyword, or direct them to a form on your website. And in case you didn’t know, mobile offers and coupons are a growing trend.

As a general guideline, we recommend you include the following in your form submission:

  • Your valuable offer
  • How to redeem your offer
  • How to opt out of your SMS list
  • What kind of text messages you’ll be sending them and how often
  • An expiration date for your offer, which drives action because of scarcity or fear of loss
  • Where and how to get help
  • Any terms & conditions and privacy policy, if necessary

We found some examples from RetailMeNot for your inspiration.

The Children’s Place

The Children’s Place uses RetailMeNot to drive traffic to a landing page on their website. For US customers only, they offer $10 off for any purchases of $40 or more if they opt in with their mobile number and zip code. Though we’re not completely sure, they may use the zip code to target their customers based on their state. Remember that you can collect additional information like this to help you segment your lists and personalise your messages using Burst’s custom fields feature.

Jared: The Galleria of Jewelry

Jared also used RetailMeNot to drive traffic to a landing page on their website. This time though, they ask their customers to text an SMS keyword to their shortcode to receive the $25 off coupon. As you can tell on both their RetailMeNot and landing page, they provide a lot of details about how to opt in, get help, and their terms and conditions. takes their customers over to their website for opt-in. We like the amount of details they provide, which includes how many messages customers should expect to receive per week, how to opt out, and how to get help. Unfortunately, they ask for both email and their mobile number, which may prevent some customers from opting in.

Jack in the box

Unlike the, Jack in the Box gives you the option to subscribe via email or mobile number. Their page design is very clean, and unlocking the coupon on the right is enticing. Keep in mind that the text on the left, “great offers & stuff”, is quite vague and should be avoided, but it only works because coupon details on the right.


Instead of driving traffic to their website, Sonic uses a special RetailMeNot landing page to attract mobile subscribers. We’re not a fan of “exclusive offers” though. It’s too vague. On the flip side though, their instructions on how to redeem their offers, who to contact if there are issues, how to opt out, and how many messages to expect is very clear.


Subway doesn’t have a RetailMeNot page, but their listing directed visitors to a landing page. They do an excellent job at explaining how many messages they’ll send, how to get help, and how to opt out. And their offer is crystal clear. Similar to The Children’s Place, it looks like they also ask for a zip code, possibly for geo-targeted SMS campaigns.

Final thoughts

Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your traffic and sales before and during the holiday season. It doesn’t take much time to set up, and it’s completely free. We recommend that you send traffic to your website. This way, you can control their web experience, and they may visit a few of your pages too, which will help with your SEO rankings.