SMS vs Leading CPCs - A comparison

SMS vs Leading CPCs - A comparison
Update: The most up-to-date SMS vs CPC stats are here: How SMS compares to cost-per-click advertising

When you’re focused on using the latest digital marketing tools to market your business, it’s easy to overlook the effectiveness and affordability of other alternatives like SMS.

If you breakdown the CPS (cost per send) / CPC (cost per click) vs the average CTR, the numbers may surprise you. Here’s how SMS stacks up against the competition:

Average CPS/CPC Average CTR Average Cost per 10K CPS/CPC
SMS via Burst (CPS) $0.049-$0.079 9.18% $490-$790
Facebook (CPC) $1.72 0.90% $17,200
Google Adwords (CPC) $2.32 1.91% $23,200
Google Display Ads (CPC) $0.58 0.35% $5,800
Instagram (CPC) $1.94 0.99% $19,400
LinkedIn (CPC) $6.50 0.021% $65,000
Twitter (CPC) $0.80 2% $8,000

CPS = Cost per send • CPC = Cost per click • CTR = Click through rate Sources: Adstage, LinkedIn, Wordstream

Since a majority of people have their mobile phones with them at all times, 90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes, and they have an incredible open rate of 98%. This is what makes SMS such an effective and affordable tool to help you reach your customers.

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