The SMS Playbook for Not-for-profits

The SMS Playbook for Not-for-profits

Getting people to open an email is hard, and getting them to answer a phone call is even harder. As a Not-for-profit (NFP), building relationships with your audience is more important than ever before. According to a Accenture global study in 2017, 44% of people would be willing to donate 10% or more for a more personalised experience.

NFPs face many common challenges connecting with and motivating people to take action. Plus, limited resources makes it difficult for NFPs to try new tools and strategies. But the good news is—SMS is affordable, fast, and personal. And with resources like this, you can use it and find success for when you reactivate accounts, show gratitude, get last minute donations, and much more.

Dive into this playbook and learn how simple and easy it can be. Plus, we asked a couple of industry experts from GiveEasy and Conversr to chime in with their years of experience working with NFPs.

Packed with SMS templates and information about how to inspire generosity, this playbook will help your NFP get started quickly.

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