Zapier: Automatically send SMS messages to new Facebook Lead Ad leads

Zapier: Automatically send SMS messages to new Facebook Lead Ad leads

Facebook Lead Ads can be an effective tool to help you grow your SMS list. When it’s integrated with Burst via Zapier, your new leads automatically get a text message as soon as they opt in, making it ideal for things like sales, promotions, and competitions.

Lead Ad Example

Let’s say you’re interested in collecting leads for your online shoe store, so you decide to use a Facebook Lead Ad to offer a coupon in exchange for their contact information.

An interested user sees your ad and clicks it. This is what they would see:

Pop up form that appears over user’s Facebook newsfeed.
Thank you message after submission.

This form appears over their Facebook newsfeed with all of their basic information like their name, email, and phone number pre-filled. You can also ask for things like relationship status, gender, and location, to name a few, and Facebook will also pre-fill this information if it has it.

This feature removes all of the legwork that often discourages users from opting in, which is having to enter everything manually. If your offer is good enough, all they have to do is click the submit button.

Here’s an example of a text message that would be automatically sent to all users who opt in:

And that’s it!

Integration Benefits

This integration can help you:

  • Improve your workflow;
  • Build relationships with your new leads right off the bat; and
  • Get your new leads accustomed to receiving your SMS messages

Integration Setup

  1. Follow these instructions to create a Facebook Lead Ad
  2. Next, register or login to your Zapier account to create a new Zap (integration). Keep in mind that this integration is a premium feature and you have 14 days from sign up to try it
  3. Connect your Facebook Page to Zapier by following the on screen instructions
  4. Connect Burst to Zapier using your SMS API Key

If you need help with this integration, feel free to contact us.