Zapier: Get Stripe payment notifications via SMS

Zapier: Get Stripe payment notifications via SMS

Keeping an eye on your transactions and ensuring that you get paid on time is important. Use this Zapier SMS integration to receive SMS notifications whenever Stripe charges your customers.

How it works

Whenever Stripe charges a customer, Zapier will automatically send you an SMS notification via our online SMS service to your mobile number. The notification can contain any information that Stripe has about your customer. For example, the amount charged, business name, phone number, the status of charge, etc. Take advantage of this integration to help you keep an eye on your cash flow, and more importantly, take action to rectify any Stripe charges that fail.

If you’re keen, you might also want to create a separate integration to send SMS notifications to your customers. It’s the same setup but with a couple of changes. Click the button below to get started.

Integration Benefits

  • Improves workflow automation
  • Free; doesn’t require a paid Zapier subscription plan
  • Helps you manage your cash flow and take action on failed payments