State of SMS Reports

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2018-19 State of SMS

To help you stay on top of the world of SMS, we put together our fourth annual State of SMS report. It’s packed with insightful industry trends, benchmarks, and statistics to help inform your future SMS marketing campaigns and mobile marketing strategy.


2017-18 State of SMS

Predictions are just predictions at the end of the day, but looking back at 2017 - it actually went quite scripted for the SMS industry. Major industry predictions for 2017 included: increased automation usage, more SMS integrations, more creative uses of SMS API’s, and higher SMS volumes for businesses. 


2016-17 State of SMS

Each year, technology becomes more integrated into our lives. This is especially true for mobile devices. According to Nielsen, 53% of global consumers feel anxious when their mobile device isn’t nearby. In the same study, they found that two-thirds of global respondents agree that face-to-face interactions are being replaced with electronic ones. However, this was not perceived as an issue since 47% prefer text messaging as a means of communications.


2015-16 State of SMS

Some say that SMS is fading, but the truth is that people are just scratching the surface on what they can do with it. Throughout this year of growth, we have collected a pool of intriguing data.

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