12 Actionable ways to collect mobile numbers

12 Actionable ways to collect mobile numbers

Over time, your mobile marketing database naturally degrades. Things change and so do your contacts. They may move countries, opt-out of your SMS communications, or simply switch their numbers for personal reasons.

Part of being a marketer is consistently collecting fresh contacts so that your SMS marketing campaigns continually yield results. With our bulk SMS service, growing your list of valid mobile phone numbers is simpler than it sounds.

If you’re stuck and looking for new ideas, check out these 12 actionable ways to grow your mobile database below.

12 Mobile list building ideas

1. Run an SMS competition

Encourage customers to enter a giveaway or competition through SMS. All they’ll need to do is text a specific keyword to your virtual phone number to enter. They’ll then be automatically added to a list. If you want more details from them, set up an auto-responder that links to an online form.

2. Offer a text-in discount

Similarly, you can prompt customers to text your virtual phone number with an SMS keyword to receive an exclusive discount. If you’re an e-commerce store, discounts are a fantastic way of asking customers for their details while also giving them something valuable in return.

3. Connect through social media

Stream live broadcasts, conduct polls, post stories, and create ads to encourage followers to sign up to your mobile contact list via an online form or text-in keyword.

4. Use your existing mailing list

Why not convert people who are already on your email list? Promote your SMS by highlighting any SMS-specific benefits like a juicy discount or birthday promotion.

5. Create a lead magnet

Offer your customers a valuable PDF, trial, or nifty template if they provide their phone number. This is particularly effective for B2B or SAAS companies looking to generate high-value leads, as well as brick-and-mortar stores using signage to entice passersby.

6. Set up an online subscription form

E-commerce stores are in an excellent position to collect phone numbers at checkout. You could include a form that offers customers an immediate discount in exchange for signing up to your mobile list. To ensure you’re spam compliant, make sure the checkbox is not pre-selected.

7. Make use of your events

Your event attendees are already interested in what you have to offer, and therefore more likely to sign up to your SMS database. Display your virtual phone number on a screen for easy opt-in or simply collect business cards (while also obtaining consent).

You can also sweeten the deal by running competitions, offering eBooks, or providing discounts.

8. Send out printables

If you use any form of printed collateral as part of your business plan, use it to advertise your virtual mobile number and keyword. Make sure to highlight what benefit you’re offering to anyone who gives you their contact details. Will they receive exclusive discounts? Or will they have first dibs on new stock?

9. Include your number in online ads

You’re already paying to be seen on Google, Facebook or other websites, so why not include your dedicated number too? Use a fun keyword to capture attention and generate leads.

10. Make use of your in-store signage and receipts

Customers who are already browsing through your store are relatively likely to sign up for your mobile list. Better yet are customers who have already purchased from you, so make sure to pop your number on the bottom of receipts as well.

11. Ask customers face-to-face

There’s no harm in asking! Simply ask customers at checkout whether they’d like to sign up to your SMS blasts, and let them know what the exclusive benefits are.

12. Post on community and coupon sites

An organic way to collect phone numbers is to use community and coupon sites like OzBargain, RetailMeNot, and Scoopon to your advantage. Customers will come across a deal for your business, which they can redeem by providing their contact details.

Ready to build your list? Make sure you’ve sorted out your dedicated virtual phone number, or try our SMS marketing service today.