5 Small things that make a big difference to Burst SMS clients

5 Small things that make a big difference to Burst SMS clients

At Burst SMS it is the small things that make a big difference. While our competitors go ahead and develop functionality they “think” their clients want, we actually listen and respond to needs directly. This responsive agile methodology coupled with a fanatical attention to detail around user experience puts our software streets ahead of the competition.

1. Visual Delivery Reporting

Due to the difficult and complex nature of SMS reporting our competitors tend to avoid it, they either just offer carrier acknowledgements, which means they tell you when they have sent it to the network, or they send back the whole indecipherable mess for you to figure out.

Our system makes it simple, we show you what was delivered to the handset, what was bounced as disconnected or invalid and what is pending with either switched off or inactive subscribers.

2. Intelligent Contact Management

When importing thousands of numbers into a list, you don’t want to have to make sure every contact is formatted correctly and valid beforehand.

Our import system automatically scans each number and filters it for duplicates, opt-outs, non-mobile numbers and will even auto-correct mobile numbers so you end up with a super clean list.

At the end of each import you are presented with a full report on what was imported, what wasn’t and why. - Read more about our Quick SMS System

3. Quick SMS Application

Users love our Quick SMS application. It makes it easy to send to a small number of contacts quickly.

You can also install the app directly into your web browsers bookmark toolbar. When you do this you can access the Quick SMS app without having to login to your Burst SMS account first this means just 1 click to launch.

This makes it convenient for setting reminders. Templates are built right in and you can easily search for any contact across all of your lists by name or number. - Read more about our quick SMS system

4. Live Activity Feed

A great SMS marketing platform should give you data and data that you can organise the way you want it. The Burst SMS activity panel has been developed over the last 5 years in collaboration with our clients to give you a fast and easy way to view your messaging activity.

You can switch between inbox and outbox modes in an instant to see your inbound messages and out bound messages and action each message how you see fit. - More about the activity feed

5. List Based Automation

Why limit auto-responders to be triggered via SMS, our lists can activate an auto-responder no matter how the contact is added. Wether it be via a web form, API call or text message you can process multiple SMS auto replies, forward to email and delayed responses.

You simply set up your auto-responder right from within your list switch it on and off at any time you choose. - Read more about list based automation