5 ideas to pitch SMS marketing to your company or clients

5 ideas to pitch SMS marketing to your company or clients

When you work in marketing, the success of your clients becomes your success. Any marketing manager, entrepreneur, or consultant worth their salt knows bringing big ideas to your clients is an important part of the job.

SMS marketing could very well be this big idea, improving customer experience, increasing loyalty, and boosting conversions. Here are five ideas for pitching SMS marketing to your clients.

1. Illustrate what makes SMS marketing so effective

Let the numbers speak for themselves when it comes to the potential pay-off of SMS marketing. Some stats you might want to highlight to your clients include:

SMS also strengthens customer engagement, builds brand loyalty, and fosters customer satisfaction.

2. Highlight how SMS tracks campaign success

Clients love to track the results of their investments. Fortunately, SMS marketing is incredibly effective for tracking a campaign’s success rate and easy to set up. Our Tracked Link feature can be used to create and send trackable links without a third-party service.

Data from tracked links will tempt any numbers-focused client. A tracked link can be used to monitor simple metrics like your click-through rate (a good indicator of message effectiveness and engagement), as well as more complex metrics. Tracked links also let you create lists of your most engaged customers and retarget them in future campaigns.

Pique their interest with examples of detailed, in-depth reports. It might even be helpful to set up a sample account that they can play around with.

One element of SMS marketing that may be particularly appealing to clients is virtual mobile numbers. A virtual phone number keeps your client’s branding consistent and makes it easier for customers to recognise who is contacting them.

You might even want to consider our SMS White Label Reseller Program. White labelling allows you to use our bulk SMS reseller service and make it your own, inspiring confidence in your clients.

Clients can then freely send messages through your white-labelled platform, for which you’ll charge them a fee. You’ll also be able to assign and lease virtual mobile numbers to your customers too.

4. Illustrate the benefits of automation

Busy clients want to be able to set and forget and, luckily, SMS can easily be automated. Some SMS automation techniques to consider include:

  • Using SMS keywords with your virtual phone number to complete a variety of actions, like adding a number to a list or sending an auto-reply;
  • Running a competition that can be entered via SMS, automatically generating new leads;
  • Harnessing the power of Zapier SMS integrations, which connects web apps like Salesforce, Shopify, and Facebook to Burst SMS for hands-off synchronicity across all your platforms.

If your client is hesitant about switching to a new marketing channel, automation might just be what gets them over the line.

5. Use real-world examples that resonate with them

Reassure your clients by showing them relevant, real-world examples of SMS marketing in action. If you don’t have any comparable cases, develop your own examples by writing mock SMS templates and an SMS marketing plan.

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