7 Reasons why SMS improves education

7 Reasons why SMS improves education

Enterprise SMS lends itself beautifully to the education sector, particularly during a time of remote learning. Here’s why educators should be using a secure SMS service to improve and safeguard their students’ experiences.

Why now’s the time to start using SMS

1. Remind students of their online classes

SMS reminders can help both parents and students keep track of their remote learning obligations. When transitioning to an online learning schedule, a flood of email updates can be overwhelming, but SMS cuts through the noise.

It has a 98% open rate while email only has 20% This means your student is more likely to see and respond to a message.

2. Improve classroom experience

You can even connect our online SMS service to your classroom learning experience.

For example, students can text their poll answers to a virtual mobile number. Instructors can easily create automated responses and use the results to adjust to their students' learning requirements.

3. Keep students safe

When student safety is at risk, prompt communication is of the utmost importance. That’s where SMS comes into the picture, with an SMS alert quickly conveying the required information straight to parents.

Whether parents are out and about or working from home, they’ll be able to see your alert at a glance and take action immediately.

4. Increase vaccine program participation

In the past, SMS reminders helped notify parents of a state-run HPV vaccination program for teenagers. This led to an increase in vaccination rates, showing just how educators can use SMS to promote public health (Science Direct).

5. Notify parents of student absences

SMS can be used to notify parents if their child is absent without notice, providing peace of mind and lowering absenteeism.

In remote learning classes, SMS alerts can help notify parents when their child’s grades drop. It’s not all doom and gloom though—it can also be used to congratulate students on their achievements and help parents connect with teachers via 2 Way SMS.

6. Send grades and report cards

If face-to-face contact isn’t possible, notify parents and students about their grades and report cards directly with an SMS alert. It can also be used for 2-factor authentication, providing secure access to sensitive information regarding the child’s academic results.

7. Transition students back to school

The transition back to in-class learning can be smoother with text messaging. It can help notify students of important dates and remind them of safety protocols.

Get started with our SMS templates

Need more ideas or templates to help you get started? We’ve made it easy for you by creating SMS templates. Pick the most relevant one, adapt and off you go.

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