Better storytelling with Multi-file MMS for eCommerce

Better storytelling with Multi-file MMS for eCommerce

MMS, the visual big sister to SMS, is a dynamic tool that can be used to send images, videos, animated GIFs, and even MP3s. Our clients have achieved click-through rates as high as 11% and opt-out rates as low as 0.1% using our MMS services. Pretty great, right?

But did you know that you can send more than one file with MMS?

Burst SMS allows you to send up to 8 files in one MMS message using any combination of PNG, JPG, MP3, MP4, or GIF, up to a total of 450KB. This gives you more creative space to tell a story that convinces your customer to swipe through and click. Create compelling campaigns that will have much more of an impact than just an SMS or even a single MMS message. Watch as your leads turn into customers in overdrive, with well-crafted multi-file campaigns.

Why multi-file?

It’s no secret that when your content is interesting, you attract interest. Multi-file MMS allows for better storytelling and leads to higher engagement.

You can use your MMS marketing as a great way to deliver coupons and discounts, detailed product imagery, videos of your products in action, and helpful how-to content. MMS is also the perfect medium for putting QR codes, tickets and maps right into your customer’s hands.

Try a product video along with a scan-in-store coupon or a carousel of images displaying multiple product features. Send a personalised audio message alongside images featuring customised recommendations, a catalogue of your 8 best deals or a step-by-step series of how-to files. Before and after images are another great tool; with a bit of imagination, the possibilities to connect are endless.

Ecommerce already experiences the benefits of multi-image posts across social media, with visually impactful content shown to increase conversions.

One case study showed that Facebook photo album posts were clicked 12.9 times more than single photo posts. A home decor brand achieved a 989% increase in post clicks while another ecommerce apparel brand achieved an 870% increase with multi-image posts.

These social media examples show just how effective multi-image or multi-file campaigns can be, so why not use it in your MMS marketing campaigns?

We’ve summarised three main advantages for you:

  1. Increased engagement – higher visual appeal helps your content stand out.
  2. Better storytelling – a picture is worth a thousand words; multiple pictures are invaluable in creating context, provoking an emotional response, and curiosity.
  3. Product showcasing – gives potential customers all the details they need to purchase; multiple perspectives of the product, the full range of features, aspirational lifestyle images, and reviews.

The benefits are clear

Multiple files allow you to deliver creative content, showcase multiple products, and solve more of your customer’s pain points in one hit. It’s the perfect marketing cocktail to get your customers to click through.

Explain a process, concentrate on customer service, showcase your product features, show off multiple products, or encourage people to engage with stylish, creative content. However you choose to use it, multi-file MMS can make a world of difference for your eCommerce business.

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