Stand out from the pack, by adding SMS to your business cards

Stand out from the pack, by adding SMS to your business cards

Business cards are great, but unless your card stands out - it might not end up where you want it to. In the example below, learn how to use SMS to help make your cards more memorable. Once someone texts a keyword to your virtual number, it will send them a vCard file, which they can download to load all of your contact information directly on their phone. Your leads will appreciate how easy it was to add your contact information, and more importantly - remember who you are.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure you have a virtual number
  2. Login to your Burst SMS account, and create a new keyword
  3. Create a vCard file. Click here for a free option
  4. Host your vCard. If you don’t have a host, try these free options: Dropbox or Google Drive
  5. Take your vCard URL, and paste it into the SMS campaign attached to your new keyword.

Once your campaign is set up, add a simple call to action on your business card. Keep it simple like our example below:

Client View

Now that you’re all set up, here’s what your prospect sees once they type in the keyword:

  1. Our system will automatically send your message
  2. Once they click on the vCard link, they will be taken to the download page
  3. After completing the quick download, all your vCard details will be stored on their mobile device.

As you can see, using vCards are great for both you and the recipient. They help you look fantastic, and they also help prospects save time, by allowing them to instantly add your full contact information.