Switching from ZipWhip to Burst SMS is easy

Switching from ZipWhip to Burst SMS is easy

How to Switch from ZipWhip to Burst SMS

Moving to Burst SMS after ZipWhip shuts down

ZipWhip officially shut down in May 2021 after Twilio acquired their business. While the core engine of ZipWhip will remain active, Twilio will be repurposing it, and regular usage of ZipWhip will not be available. If you’re looking for an alternative service, Burst SMS can be your new A2P messaging solution.

**ZipWhip** **Burst SMS**
Average Set-up Time15-20mins 2-5mins
Web Platform
In-depth API Docs X
Email to SMS X
Advanced Automation X
Conversational AI X
White Label
Parent Child Accounts X
ISO27001 Certified X
Integrations 15 3,000+

Switch from ZipWhip to Burst SMS in 3 easy steps

1. Give ZipWhip notice

ZipWhip requires 30 days notice for account closure. Emailing notice@zipwhip.com at least 30 days in advance should be all you need to do. If there are any issues they will let you know.

2. Export your data

This part has not been made easy if the data you want is your contact list.
While you can export your analytical data they don’t offer the ability to export your message history or contact list.

The best route for getting this info is to contact ZipWhip support and ask them. You’ll likely just want your contact list so ask them to send you that info in a csv. The data should be easily mapped by columns for first name, last name, and phone number. If they do ask for an additional payment you can try manually scraping the data and remapping it into a csv yourself.

3. Upload your data to Burst

Once you have your data, uploading the list to Burst is easy. After you register your Burst SMS account, you will be able to upload your csv right away. Contact our 24hr support team if you run into any problems or visit our extensive support portal to view step-by-step tutorials.

Why switch your business from ZipWhip to Burst SMS?

There are many options for sending A2P SMS in bulk. What sets Burst SMS apart is the ease of use and world class 24/7 support. We haven’t opted to be a jack of all trades message service, and have instead become the master of one thing: sending SMS in bulk for businesses in the most reliable way via ON-NET connections.

In addition to the comparison table above, we offer real-time reporting, SMS templates, list management, account management, and more. Burst SMS has been built to make it easier for you to send text messages to your customers. We offer 99.9% uptime, 100% deliverability, and are an industry leader in data security.

Burst SMS has a 14-day trial and there is no-credit card required. If you are looking for not just an alternative, but also an easier to use upgrade from ZipWhip, sign-up for a no obligation trial with Burst SMS today.