11 top ideas and SMS marketing templates for eCommerce in 2024

11 top ideas and SMS marketing templates for eCommerce in 2024

SMS marketing templates: more opens, more sales

Hands up if your phone is always in your pocket or on your desk? Chances are you’ve picked it up, read, or sent a message within the last hour. That’s the reason more companies are embracing the power of SMS or text marketing.

SMS marketing for eCommerce is a growing opportunity backed by 98% open rates and a 10% click-through rate. It’s a highly productive way to deliver timely messages right into the hands of your customers.

The kicker is – you can create an impressive SMS marketing campaign for eCommerce in less than 10 minutes with our online SMS service. Here are some SMS marketing ideas to get you started.

Our top 11 ideas for eCommerce SMS marketing

Plan your eCommerce marketing strategies with these handy templates and our easy-to-use bulk SMS gateway.

Idea 1: Reward your VIPs

Sales and discounts are the high-hitters for eCommerce SMS marketing, but there are many other ways to engage. Creating exclusivity for VIP members is an effective way to drive purchases and make your customer feel valued.

Idea 2: An easy way to upsell

SMS marketing is a quick and easy way to target customers who’ve already purchased and offer them upgrades or discounts on their next purchase. Use personalisation to showcase items they’re likely to love.

Idea 3: Capitalise on seasonal campaigns with promotional SMS

Marketing campaigns for holidays and seasons are nothing new, but mobile marketing and purchasing on big-ticket days is rising. According to Adobe Analytics, in 2023 online Black Friday sales reached a record of $9.8 billion (an increase of 7.5% over the previous year). Smartphone shopping accounted for $5.3 billion of all online Black Friday sales. It’s the perfect opportunity to reach your customers with mobile marketing tactics to optimise your response rates and sales during peak seasons.

Idea 4: Take advantage of celebration days to increase your sales

There are loads of local, national, and international days, celebrating everything from pets to reading books. Finding the right celebration day to match your product or service is a compelling marketing opportunity. For instance, if your products are environmentally friendly, you may want to highlight an offer during World Environment Day. If you sell yoga related classes or clothing then International Yoga Day would be a perfect opportunity to showcase your offer as the example below.

Idea 5: Get excited about product launches

Build a sense of excitement and urgency around launching a new product with attention-grabbing language and reminding them to act quickly.

Idea 6: Move stock quickly with flash sales

Need to move some excess stock? Show your customers some love with a limited-time sale or coupon – it’s a win-win. SMS marketing is perfect for eCommerce promotions that require immediate action with limited time sales compared to email.

Idea 7: Seek reviews and feedback to boost your customer loyalty

Send text messages to your customers with a poll or short survey. Ask them what they think about your product, customer service, brand or other areas that benefit from feedback. If you’re asking for a review – include a tracking link to make it easy.

Idea 8: Rescue or retarget an abandoned cart

Cart abandonment rates can be pretty high, but they don’t need to be a lost cause. An SMS reminder to check-out can turn things around and remind busy shoppers to follow through. By targeting abandoned cart shoppers with an instant offer, it’s an easy way to increase conversion rates. A small discount or shipping offer will sweeten the deal.

Idea 9: Promote a subscription service

Secure ongoing revenue for your business and open your product to a new client base with a subscription service. Let your customers know about the perks after they’ve made a purchase, joined a mailing list, or abandoned a cart.

Idea 10: Thank your customer

Automate your SMS marketing service to send a quick thank you as soon as your customer makes a purchase. You can also include an order confirmation with a link to track their order or let them know the next step.

Idea 11: Celebrate order delivery

If you’ve kept your customer informed through every stage of the purchase process, a delivery notification is your last step. Make sure you include a CTA to let your customer know what you want them to do next.

Hit send on your text message marketing strategy for eCommerce

More and more brands are recognising the potential of eCommerce SMS marketing. If you’re ready to reach highly responsive shoppers and build better relationships with your customers, a 2024 SMS marketing strategy is key. If you’re looking for more, you might be interested in our SMS templates.

Any other great SMS marketing ideas around eCommerce for the year ahead? We’d love to hear them.

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