Finish the year strong with these 4 EOFY tips

End of financial year Burst SMS
As we enter the end of the financial year, we find ourselves under unprecedented times. Things look much different around this time than last year, but each day is looking more and more positive.

Restrictions are easing, and if you noticed a drop in customer activity over the past several months, it might be time to reach out and re-engage them again with an SMS campaign. Here are 4 tips to help you finish the end of financial year strong.

Search trends have likely changed for your industry in the last 3 months. Rediscover what your target audience is searching for by using tools such as Adwords Keyword Planner and Google Trends. You may find that your customers now have new priorities and search terms.

For example, Google is discovering that people are searching for more do-it-yourself terms. Find these new trends, and apply them to your business to stay ahead. If you need help launching one of these new trends, try implementing one of our strategic SMS template sets.

2. Audit your previous SMS campaigns

As the financial year comes to an end, it’s time to evaluate which SMS campaigns helped your business accomplish your internal goals. Here’s a simple template to help you evaluate your best bulk SMS campaigns. Pay close attention to the top 5 SMS campaigns, and see which campaign you can enhance and relaunch for a final push.

When you’re ready, use what you learned from tip one to see if there’s any overlap in data which can help you further optimise a previous high ROI campaign.

3. Try something new on-trend

Most businesses choose to go with replicating something that has worked well in the past when making a final splash, however, it’s important to also make a statement with exploring a new trend. After launching a more familiar campaign in tip two, use the knowledge gained from tip one to deliver a highly relevant on-trend marketing campaign.

Here are some topics and ideas that you can use to re-engage your customers in a meaningful way.

EOFY topics

  • Send EOFY flash sales, promotions, or competitions
  • Introduce a new product or service
  • Ask customers for feedback and use this information to relaunch another campaign
  • Send re-opening plans with new safety or company procedures
  • Remind customers about upcoming appointments or events
  • Send a genuine heartfelt message of gratitude for their support during these times

4. Take advantage of new business incentives

In addition to the change in social trends, it’s important to stay on top of economic incentives for your business.

An example of a new incentive for Australian businesses is the 150K instant asset write-off initiative offered by the ATO until 31 December 2020. Software implementation, subscription costs are included under eligible asset write-offs. Use this opportunity to reach your customers with SAAS services which have given your business the fastest returns.

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