5 Free tools to help optimise your SMS campaigns

5 Free tools to help optimise your SMS campaigns

Here are 5 quick and easy tools that will help optimise your SMS campaigns. More importantly, they’re free. Everyone loves something free that adds tons of value to their lives right?

1) SMS Ideabook

If you haven’t seen this already, make sure you have a quick scroll through our SMS Ideabook. It highlights 14 popular SMS services, featuring a visual example of how to use each one.

2) Headline Optimiser

SMS marketing revolves around a catchy headline. Often the time, people feel the need to overcomplicate this. If you’re struggling to write a strong headline that you’re happy with, try using this simple tool by CoSchedule.

3) SMS Character Counter

This tool is fantastic for anyone who uses special characters, symbols, UTF-8 encoding, or long format texts that exceed 160 characters. If you exceed 160 characters, this app will tell you exactly where your cut off point is. That way, you can reformat your message to make sure it looks the way you want. The counter also keeps track of every letter you type in real time, telling you how many characters you have until your next message.

4) SMS Templates

If you haven’t taken some inspiration from our template section already, check these out to save time on your next send. Currently, we have designed templates for:

• Donations • Fitness • Customer appreciation • Restaurants • Sales and promotions • Customer loyalty • Appointments and reminders

We will be adding more templates in this section as time goes on.

5) Persona Generator

Defining your target market is a must. Follow this up with a specific target audience, and now you’re ready for business, but that doesn’t mean you should stop there. In order to better understand your clients, it’s important to narrow down your audience into different groups – also referred to as personas. Try creating a customer persona with this free tool from HubSpot, and apply it to your database. Through this new data you will be able to create even more efficient marketing campaigns, which are tailored for your new personas. This is a long-term approach, which can help you increase your customer satisfaction and overall retention rate.

Bonus: Canvas

Lastly, try this tool if you’re looking for a quick way to create designs. The basic templates are free, or you can buy premium designs for a small cost. Just change the text, drag, drop, and save.


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