How to use Deep Linking with SMS Marketing

How to use Deep Linking with SMS Marketing

People are using their mobile phones daily.

Knowing this, your SaaS or eCommerce business has probably developed a mobile app to connect with customers. However, marketers and product managers often miss out on this marketing tool that boosts app engagement: deep links.

Let’s dig into what deep links are and their benefits. Plus, how SMS is the best tool to deliver deep links for promoting your app content and giving seamless customer experiences. We’ll even throw in some promotion ideas and communication templates for you!

What is Deep Linking?

Mobile deep linking directs your customers to a specific page of your app (e.g. product page, shopping cart, review section, or a service feature) through a uniform resource identifier (URI). This URI is like a website URL but for mobile apps.

You should know three types of mobile deep links:

Standard deep linking – Directs users to a specific page of your app. If the user does not have the app installed, they’ll receive an error message or be redirected to a fallback page.

Deferred deep linking – This does the same as the above, except users without your app are directed to the app’s download page. Once installed, the user is directed to the page they originally tried to visit.

Contextual deep linking – Gives users a more personalised experience as soon as they open your app. Take users straight to a customised screen after they download, or allow them to automatically upload a promo code. These links also enable you to collect user data and engagement behaviour.

For app developers, setting up standard and deferred deep linking is more straightforward. Contextual is a little trickier but can be hugely beneficial for both you and your customer depending on your marketing goals.

To create deep links, check out common methods using Apple’s Universal Links for iOS and Android App Links.

Deep Linking in SMS Marketing

SMS has a 98% open rate and a 9.97% click-through rate, which makes it the perfect channel to deliver your deep link. With SMS, there’s no communication fluff – just a super-clear call to action in under 160 characters that’ll get people clicking.

SMS is mostly read on mobile devices, so it’s the perfect channel to boost your deep links. Here are some other benefits of executing an SMS deep link:

  • Direct your customers to a specific page or feature of your app
  • Reduce the clicks and steps to where your customer would like to go
  • Stand out from the crowd with a refined user experience
  • Increase customer activity year-round which helps develop brand loyalty

App Deep Linking Ideas

With Burst SMS, the deep link is easily placed into your text message.

Deep links are a great add-on to your marketing campaigns. With SMS, you can notify your customers about birthday deals, holiday promotions, competitions, personalised products and services related to their purchase history. They’re also effective for introducing customers to new app features, logistics, and much more.

Start with a few of these templates below:

With mobile app usage on the rise, remember to optimise your customers’ mobile user experiences with deep links.

Make life easier for your customers by using SMS to boost your deep links. Increase the overall customer experience while boosting your app’s usage. Win-win.

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