Powerful list of emojis for MMS marketing

Powerful list of emojis for MMS marketing

Since the beginning of time, humans have communicated with imagery and symbols (starting with hieroglyphics, paintings, and everything in between). They tell stories, and with it, they carry emotions.

That’s why emojis are a popular way of self-expression in today’s age. They add a little humour and playfulness to messages and can help prevent miscommunication.

In marketing, they can increase engagement and make your brand more memorable and seem friendlier—especially in the realm of SMS and MMS marketing.

Why you can’t afford to miss out on emojis 💸

92% of internet users incorporate emojis in their messages. Businesses are also getting on board with emojis; some companies are even conducting customer satisfaction surveys using emoji ratings instead of numerical ratings.

Emojis are also highly effective, despite their simplicity. Push notifications that use emojis see an 85% increase in open rates and a 9% increase in conversions. All in all, emojis can:

  • Humanise your brand
  • Allow for greater personalisation
  • Create festive messaging for seasonal campaigns
  • Increase click-through rates
  • Increase response rates

How to use emojis 🤔

You should be thoughtful about how you incorporate emojis into your MMS campaigns (Yes! You can also copy and paste these directly into your SMS campaign). Here are a few guidelines to get you started when using our bulk MMS software:

  • Stick to just a couple of emojis per message - too many can be overwhelming.
  • Make sure your choice of emoji is unambiguous and actually suits your message.
  • Consult the Unicode Emoji Consortium to check the meaning of your chosen emoji - for example, the emoji we typically think of as a woman sassily flicking her hair 💁 is actually meant to depict an information desk worker providing answers.
  • Check how the emojis appear on iOS and Android. They often look different from one device to another.
  • Emojis take up two characters, not just one. Keep this in mind when writing your messages as MMS body copy has a limit of 1000 characters.
  • Don’t include emojis in your subject lines as they are not supported.

The best emojis for your MMS marketing 🏆

Highlight and copy the emoji of your choice from the Emoji column below, and then paste it when you compose an MMS. If you’re looking for more, check out the master list.

Classic emojis

Unicode Emoji Description
U+1F600😀 grinning face
U+1F605 😅grinning face with sweat
U+1F602 😂face with tears of joy
U+1F642 🙂slightly smiling face
U+1F609 😉winking face
U+1F618 😘 face blowing a kiss

General business

Unicode Emoji Description
U+1F4BC💼 briefcase
U+1F4BB 💻laptop
U+1F4E7 📧e-mail
U+1F91D 🤝 handshake

Retail & beauty

Unicode Emoji Description
U+1F486💆 person getting massage
U+1F487 💇person getting haircut
U+1F4B8 💸money with wings
U+1F6CD 🛍shopping bags
U+1F484 💄lipstick
U+1F457 👗 dress

Sports & fitness

Unicode Emoji Description
U+1F3C4🏄 person surfing
U+1F3CB 🏋person lifting weights
U+1F6B4 🚴person biking
U+1F3C3 🏃person running
U+1F483 💃 woman dancing

Food & beverage

Unicode Emoji Description
👩‍🍳 woman cook
👨‍🍳man cook
U+1F354 🍔hamburger
U+1F35F 🍟french fries
U+1F355 🍕pizza
U+1F35C 🍜steaming bowl
U+1F382 🎂birthday cake
U+1F942 🥂clinking glasses
U+1F37D 🍽 fork and knife with plate

Events & entertainment

Unicode Emoji Description
U+1F3A2🎢 roller coaster
U+1F4FD 📽film projector
U+1F37F 🍿popcorn
U+1F3AB 🎫ticket
U+1F3AE 🎮video game
U+1F3B2 🎲 game die

Tourism & transport

Unicode Emoji Description
👨‍✈️ man pilot
👩‍✈️woman pilot
U+1F30F 🌏globe showing Asia-Australia
U+1F5FA 🗺world map
U+1F3D6 🏖beach with umbrella
U+1F686 🚆train
U+1F68C 🚌bus
U+1F695 🚕taxi
U+1F6A2 🚢ship
U+2708 ✈️ aeroplane


Unicode Emoji Description
👩‍🎓 woman student
👨‍🎓man student
U+1F4DA 📚books
U+1F393 🎓graduation cap
U+270F pencil


Unicode Emoji Description
U+1F691🚑 ambulance
U+1F3E5 🏥hospital
U+1FA7A 🩺 stethoscope


Unicode Emoji Description
👩‍🔧 woman mechanic
U+1F477 👷construction worker
U+1F9F1 🧱brick
U+1F6A7 🚧 construction

Emojis help you create a stronger personal connection with your audience; but remember to use them thoughtfully to ensure they reinforce your message rather than distract from it.

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