Add a link to your text message campaign

Add a link to your text message campaign

SMS is a tool to help drive traffic and conversions on your website, but they’re text only, meaning you can’t use a hyperlink like this.

You can use a URL instead, but they can be lengthy and take up a lot of character space. Here’s an example:

To keep messages short and costs low, most SMS marketing campaigns are one text message, which is 160 characters. A URL like the one above takes up 87 characters, leaving little room for anything else.

Our online SMS service has a feature called Tracked Links, which is a URL shortener and link management service.

When you send a campaign with our tracked link feature, each recipient will receive their own unique and shortened URL, so you can measure click-through rates and also see exactly which recipients clicked and those that didn’t.

For even better consistency and brand recognition, we also have branded tracked links. This feature lets you deploy your domain as a URL.

We don’t recommend other free link management services like Bitly and TinyURL, as they may be blocked before they reach your recipients.

Benefits of our URL Shortener

  • Add a short URL to your message that goes to a landing page
  • Track each recipient that clicked
  • Get real engagement measurement to help you plan your next SMS campaign
  • Improve customer experience and save costs by reducing message length
  • Get access to a free and reputable URL that isn’t blocked

Learn how to set-up your own tracked links.

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