5 Effective SMS Marketing Tips to Kickstart the year 2024

5 Effective SMS Marketing Tips to Kickstart the year 2024

It’s the perfect time to plan for the year ahead. To lay the groundwork for your team to successfully run SMS campaigns in the months to come.

From cleaning up your contact lists to automating your processes, here are five text marketing tips to start the year right.

Effective SMS marketing tips for 2024

1. Do an annual list cleaning

Regularly updating your customer data is essential to SMS list maintenance to enhance accuracy, relevance, and compliance. Consider creating an ‘engaged contact list’ and a ‘non-engaged contact list’ who haven’t interacted with you in the last year or longer. Then, remove this latter list from your marketing list. You can now target your marketing efforts towards those who are genuinely interested in your business. By doing this, you increase engagement and can more accurately analyse your ROI. Plus, you won’t be annoying customers who aren’t curious about your brand.

2. Plan your SMS campaign calendar

Stay ahead of the pack, by planning your SMS campaigns. Map out your weekly and monthly SMS campaigns alongside team deadlines.

Want more SMS campaign ideas? We have plenty of resources. Here are some ready-made SMS templates and tailored SMS campaigns for each industry vertical covering eCommerce, healthcare, entertainment, recruitment, and many more.

Be sure to update and fill your holiday and events calendar with occasions that are relevant to your business. From Black Friday to World Oceans Day, it’s easy to piggyback off these occasions to drive sales and engagement through SMS marketing.

3. Streamline your SMS campaign process

Do you scramble to pull your SMS campaigns together every time? Are you often paralysed by what to say and how to say it? Even if your SMS marketing workflow feels in flow, there’s always room for improvement to work more efficiently and deliver more consistently. While the year is new and your team still has ready-to-go energy, gather them for valued feedback and ideas.

In addition, check out our 5 common copywriting mistakes to avoid. With these tips up your sleeve, your campaigns will be a breeze.

4. Consider SMS automation

Streamlined processes can be your make-or-break. So, are you automating your SMS campaigns wherever you can?

Imagine not needing to manually collect customer payments, send customer onboarding messages and reminders, or segment your contacts into different marketing lists. Automation of your workflow can enable set up and scheduling or triggering a series of text messages. It’s perfect for birthday reminders, and recurring milestones that don’t have set dates.

If you’re looking for bulk SMS marketing tips, make this the year you supercharge your marketing and save time with the benefits of SMS automation.

Learn more about how businesses can benefit from SMS automation. Sequencer can help you set up appointment reminders, confirmations and birthday messages. Or, you can entirely automate workflows by integrating Burst SMS with ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Autopilot, and more through Zapier.

5. Plan your customer communications - SMS promotions and reminder SMS campaigns

It’s the perfect time of year to plan your customer communications with inspiring content and great offers. SMS marketing is an effortless way to reach a wider audience time-sensitive offers, reminders, and one time passwords.

If you’re a business owner, use this time to send your customers a personal message with your vision for the year ahead. With SMS, you can link them directly to that online article, promotion or send reminders for appointments.

Kickstart your year

Be prepared and proactive with your campaigns. With these five effective SMS marketing tips, you can set yourself up for a smooth-sailing year ahead.

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