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SMS for Events and Entertainment

Learn how event managers use SMS to communicate directly with their staff, increase sales, and improve the event experience.
Industry Verticals
SMS for Events and Entertainment

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Festivals, concerts, musicals, conventions, fairs, exhibitions, special events, and entertainment professionals.

Important information and alerts

  • Day-before event reminders, linking to the main website page
  • Last minute updates to event schedules and speakers
  • Event cancellation, date rescheduling and venue location changes
  • Emergency text hotline
  • Feedback hotline - allow attendees to flag issues or seek help without leaving their seat or wasting valuable time trying to find a customer service representative


  • Automated announcements
  • Early bird or last-minute ticket promotions
  • Updates on headline speakers
  • Trade stand invitations and consultation bookings
  • Post-event follow ups and thank you notes with name and company personalisation
  • Trade stand engagement - a competition that requires signing up with a mobile number at your stand to enter the draw
  • Send an SMS invitation to all your contacts, and have them RSVP via an SMS keyword or on a mobile-optimised landing page
  • Mobile ticket QR codes
  • Shuttle bus pick-up confirmations


  • Send SMS reminders to owners of cloaked items to collect their belongings at the conclusion of the event
  • Registration date is closing

People Management

  • Coordinate volunteering groups at different locations at once (easy with our QuickSMS App)
  • Communicate seamlessly across large operational teams replacing several radio handsets and earpieces
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