Industry Verticals

SMS for Events and Entertainment

Learn how event managers use SMS to communicate directly with their staff, increase sales, and improve the event experience.
Industry Verticals
SMS for Events and Entertainment

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Festivals, concerts, musicals, conventions, fairs, exhibitions, special events, and entertainment professionals


  • New releases and grand opening specials
  • Celebrity appearances
  • Ticket sales (inventory availability updates)


  • Free tickets to premieres, meet and greet, upgrades, food, drinks, souvenirs, photos, or etc.

Event Management

  • Send an SMS invitation to all your contacts, and have them RSVP via an SMS keyword or on a mobile-optimised landing page


  • Early bird or last-minute ticket promotions
  • New event launches


  • Ticket sales
  • Important dates, directions, and information

People Management

  • Communicate with promoters, security teams, and volunteers
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