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SMS for Real Estate

Learn how realtors and developers can use SMS to generate leads and stay in touch with their clients.
Industry Verticals
SMS for Real Estate

Make it as easy as possible for customers to get the information they need. As a realtor, you want to be the first point of contact for your leads, but not every lead is necessarily ready for a call right away. Give them the option to text in for more details.

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Building Managers, Developers, and Realtors

Case Study

Industry: Real Estate

Sample Solutions: SMS Marketing, SMS Keywords, and Email to SMS

For most people, buying property will also be the most expensive purchase of their lives. This means prospects are going to take their time and do an extensive amount of research before they are ready to speak to someone. It’s a big problem for realtors since they want to speak to clients right away. However most prospects just simply are not ready until they line up all the facts.


  • Send SMS alerts for new open houses or new development launches
  • Keep customers informed by sending them updates for building progress


  • Attract new leads by launching an SMS competition
  • Offer upgrades such as new furnishings, renovations, cleaning services, home automation, or air conditioning

Customer Support

  • As a realtor, you’re constantly on the run. Answer customer enquiries via SMS when you’re away from your computer.
  • Let your prospects start a conversation with you through SMS

Event Management

  • Invite subscribers to new events, and have them RSVP via a keyword or custom landing page
  • Common event invites include: Open houses, showroom viewings, community days, auction dates, or new development launches


  • Show off your new developments to all your leads instantly with SMS marketing
  • Add SMS keywords into your campaigns to help increase your leads


  • Get past the clutter, and send an SMS reminder
  • Set reminders for payments, event dates, renovations, closures, cleaning dates, or strata meetings

Conversion Benchmarks

According to Unbounce, the median conversion benchmark in the real estate industry is 2.9%. Your company is in the 90% percentile if you have an open rate of 8.7%+. See the chart below for more industry data.

Source: The Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Report

Missed Opportunities

  • 41.6% of marketers in the real estate industry have at least one page that converts less than 1.3%.
  • Marketers in the travel industry saw an average of 706 missed conversions
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