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SMS for Restaurants

How restaurants can use SMS to engage customers, boost sales, and improve operations
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SMS for Restaurants

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Case Study (1)

Client: Grand Pearl Seafood Restaurant

Service: SMS Marketing

The Grand Pearl Seafood Restaurant is headlined by Master Chef, Jack Ng. They specialise in providing an exceptional dining experience with the freshest ingredients. All it takes is just one quick and easy SMS message to re-engage your audience. See how Grand Pearl keeps its restaurant on the minds of their hungry customers.

Case Study (2)

Client: Kobe Jones

Services: SMS Marketing and SMS Alerts

The food at Kobe Jones is designed to bring the simplicity and beauty of Japanese cooking, all while melding it with nuances and surprising flavours of the West. Their chefs have created an array of flavours to suit every palate, whether you are a first time diner or an adventurous traveller.

Sample Industry Use

Focus: Domino’s Pizza

Preferred Solutions: SMS Keywords and Emoji Keywords

As one of the early adopters of SMS marketing, Domino’s wanted to give their campaign a refresh. How could they make their SMS process even more simplistic?

2 Way SMS

  • Have your consumers vote on new menu items with keywords
  • Survey customer experiences while the experience is still fresh. This allows you to keep track of everything digitally instead of using paper feedback forms


  • Promotional alerts for daily food and drink specials
  • Perfect for timed specials (Ex: Early-bird, happy hour, and late-night)
  • Schedule personalised alerts (Ex: Birthdays, membership renewal, and custom triggers)


  • Help the charity of your choice by collecting donations with SMS (Ex: Use instant SMS funds instead of collecting cans for the food bank)


  • Send out general promotions or coupons
  • Get RSVPs for new tasting menus
  • Start a food festival or eating competition
  • Advertise themed days

Reminders and Appointments

  • For restaurant reservations
  • Payment reminders for corporate deposits
  • Interviews or client meetings

People Management

  • Create an internal chat room for all your employees
  • Allow employees to easily report any issues
  • Share employee schedules and last-minute shift changes
  • Stay on top of inventory overages and shortages
If you’re not already a Burst SMS customer, click here to sign up for a trial. As for all our lovely clients, we hope you found a new solution to help market your business. If you have any questions in regards to setting any of these services up, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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