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SMS for the Beauty Industry

Discover how the beauty industry can use text messaging for appointment reminders, promotions, competitions, and more.
Industry Verticals
SMS for the Beauty Industry

Who loves this?

Fashionistas, makeup artists, spas, salons, boutiques, and other beauty professionals

Case Study

Client: Espavita

Services: SMS Competitions, Email to SMS, and SMS Reminders

The beauty industry is constantly growing and innovating as fast as science will allow it. Competition however is fierce. Depending on your location, spas can no longer simply rely on unique features to stand out. The reason for this is because people are bombarded with marketing clutter, especially from the beauty industry.


  • Schedule sale alerts to send at specific times
  • Send notification alerts once an out-of-stock item or discontinued service becomes available


  • Launch quick giveaways, contests, or competitions with SMS keywords

Customer Feedback

  • Have customers vote for new products of services
  • Receive instant customer feedback by sending a quick satisfaction survey via SMS keyword or a longer-format survey through a unique URL

Customer Support

  • Allow customers to send you questions via SMS
  • You can also have texts sent through your email


  • Receive donations or launch a fundraiser for related causes (Available in Australia only)

Event Management

  • Send invitations and accept confirmations to fashion shows or new product launches


  • New beauty trends (Daily inspirations, research studies, interesting statistics)

Orders and Deliveries

  • Order confirmation
  • Shipping information
  • Delivery status

Reminders and Confirmations

  • Confirm appointments with clients
  • Set a reminder to automatically send the day before their appointment
If you’re not already a Burst SMS customer, click here to sign up for a trial. As for all our lovely clients, we hope you found a new solution to help market your business. If you have any questions in regards to setting any of these services up, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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